Preparing For Your Belly Session

Yay!  Its time to get ready for your belly session…one of my faves for sure!  Here is a little run down of things I’ve come up with over the years that will help guide you and prepare you for your shoot.

First and foremost…one issue many moms-to-be experience is thinking, and then therefor feeling, they are unattractive.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you accept yourself as you are when you are pregnant…especially for a photoshoot.  You are hiring me to capture you as you are at this moment in time, not the woman you were 20 or 30 lbs. ago.  You will look different because you are different, but that is not a bad thing!  I love photographing expectant moms.  I find their bodies to be beautiful and radiant, curvy and voluptuous.  The most successful belly shoots are the ones where the women has embraced her changing body and is confidant in how she looks…that feeling radiates through the camera and produces stunning images.

Clothing is totally subjective to your taste, however its best to have it fit (not too small or big) and to make sure that it accentuates your curves. Most ladies mix it up with jeans and cute shirts, a more sleek dress and then some sort of flowing dress.  Color scheme is also up to you, but again, most will go with a more subdued palette in fields and more bright for urban areas.  It you have problem areas, or areas you are self conscious about, then make sure to choose items that will conceal or flatter those areas.  For example, arms come up A LOT in post production…if they happen to be an area that you dislike, then lean towards sleeved shirts and shrugs to conceal them.  Photoshop is fantastic and can really do a lot to fix things, but it always best to have a pleasing image from the beginning and use photoshop to accentuate rather than re-create.

You will want to make sure to bring:

  • LOTS of water…you will be thirsty
  • something high in protein to snack on (almonds, ect.)
  • make up for touch ups…you will likely be sweating if we are shooting in the warmer months
  • hairspray…its ALWAYS windy here

Its best to:

  • have your hair curled on the ends…it looks better blowing in the wind
  • try your clothes on before your session…don’t just look in the mirror, take a picture of yourself in them to see if you really like the way it looks
  • bring accessories
  • practice some posing beforehand…if you feel silly doing this, then lock yourself in the bathroom where no one will walk in on you

Realize that:

  • you will likely get a bit dirty
  • if you want urban images, we may be shooting in alleyways and open street areas
  • if you want field images, you will have to walk through that field, so bring shoes that will handle the terrain…they won’t show up in the pictures
  • you will be posing in positions that will feel weird and a bit uncomfortable

Belly shoots are so much fun, but can be different than what you may expect.  Just want to make sure that you are aware of what will be happening and that the expectations are clear from the beginning!