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I’ve been avoiding this post all summer, but its turning into senior session season so I can’t procrastinate it any longer. After the CRAZIEST, BUSIEST and MOST EMOTIONAL summer ever, my two beautiful girls are now off at college. Last spring though, we grabbed the camera and made sure we got lots of pictures of them to mark their final year in high school.  Parents, don’t let this moment pass by. I look at these pictures all these months later and I still feel those heart strings tug.  It was busy and would have been easy to put off their photoshoots, but I am so glad that we took the time to mark the ending of their ‘childhood’ and the beginning of their ‘adulthood’. Mention this post when you book your son or daughters senior session and receive 15% off!!

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Oh sweet mercy. This girl has such a sweet place in my heart. Lexi is like my own flesh and blood. Watching her grow up over the past decade has been wonderful She is such a sweet and strong person. And has been a wonderful friend to my daughter. I am sad to see her go, but excited to see what great things she does in life!


That’s right! Taylor is McHi’s Valedictorian. This sweetheart has been such a pleasure to watch grow…I first met he while she was throwing a tantrum in Target when she was three years old! That never stopped her from taking the world by the horns and bending it to her will. So excited to see waht she does with it!!


Goodness…there wasn’t anything I wasn’t in LOVE with for Gaby’s senior session.  A girl after my own heart.


These twin girls were a treat to photograph!