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Get ready to a super sized post y’all!

Did you know that since the beginning of 2014, Vintage on Main has hosted an Antique Market on the first Saturday of the month?  Um, I didn’t!!  It wasn’t until I moved my studio over to Vintage on Main (still more on that to come…maybe by the time summer is over it will be finished!) that I found out about this fabulous event.  I am a sucker for vintage.  I like old stuff.  I like the smell of old wood, old books, old empty perfume bottles…I have a collection of vintage dresses in my closet that I cannot fit into, but bought over the years just ’cause I loved them.  So, I went to my first Vintage Market on Main on April 5th, met all of the vendors, and took some pictures so I could introduce you to some of the fun things that are available.  I missed May Market…Josh had her regional swim meet :/  But this Saturday the 7th is Market for June and I will be dropping by for sure!

I am starting off with Rosie’s Just Between Friends Teahouse .  Rosie’s holds a very special place in my heart.  It started when Gerardo and I shot a bridal session there 5 years ago…HERE is a link to that session…time flies!  Last fall, Rosie moved her tea house to Vintage on Main (1409 N. Main Street in McAllen), a collaboration of different stores offering the best in antiques, dresses, jewelry, furniture and much more. I love going to work in a place that is so beautiful.  It feeds my soul and makes me happy to be surrounded by pretty things.  Be sure and stop by and browse through all of the beauty it has to offer!  You can also reach Rosie at 956.225.3168.  And remember that Vintage on Main is open Tuesday -Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm.


Also located at Vintage on Main is The Valley Wedding Pages.  It is one of the Valley’s BEST Resource for Brides looking to find reputable vendors for their wedding day, as well as ideas and stories of real weddings from here in the Valley.  In fact, this cover photo for this year’s Annual Planning Guide was photographed at Vintage on Main…GORGEOUS!


Next we have Abby and Cesar Espinoza who are friends of ours…I didn’t even know they had a booth until I showed up, so it was a fun surprise to see them there.  I have always loved Abby’s house because she finds the coolest stuff.  It was good I didn’t have my purse with me cause there were a few things I wanted to snatch up as photography props.  You can reach them at


Here we have Kristina & Danny Moran.  They take older furniture and refurbish it giving it a brand new look.  I LOVE the patterns and colors that she chose.  Fun, modern but still a bit romantic with those curves of wood! Kristina can be reached at


Amaryllis Boutique is located in the back of Vintage on Main and is a little hidden treasure of goodies!  Pretty dresses and jewels with lots of fun stuff and they specialize in young contemporary clothing.  Angie Chavez can be reached at 956.616.7558.  Currently they are open Saturday’s or by appt., but as of July 10th they will be open Tuesday – Saturday.


There was the funniest guy at Market named Antique Joe.  He had so many different things to show me from his collection of metal castors to old watches.  My favorite were the old tin cups and bowls…and of course, the funny looking pup!


Near the back of Vintage on Main is a section named Autore de Monde and they feature vintage furniture and pretty household items…love walking by and seeing all the pretty pieces…they can be reached at 956.961.9704, but remember Vintage on Main is open Tuesday – Saturday 11-6.


Butterfli Kisses is up next and these adorable door stops are made by Owner Madeline’s 10 year old daughter Ariel.  Aren’t they adorable?  Butterfli Kisses style is whimsical, bohemian and chic inspired by colorful nature.  All of Madeline’s jewelry comes from quality stones and are lovingly hand made.  Butterfly Kisses can be reached at or at



Ms. Yvette had some totally rad vintage clothing on display including the awesome number she is wearing…totally 70’s!  Yvette can be reached via her Facebook page at

Ahhh…one of my truly favorite places to visit…The Feathered Nest.  Such beautiful stuff!  I love all of her ribbons…and that heart painting below?  She made that herself and attached all of the ribbons to it…LOVE!  You can find the Feathered Nest inside Vintage on Main or you can call Norma at 956.289.0641.



I just fell in love with the headband Ms. Felicia is wearing…and I doubly love that her 13 year old daughter Ashlynn made it! Felicia had some of the prettiest bracelets…I’m just so sad because bracelets DO NOT look good on me…oh well, I can just look and drool!  Felicia’s company is called Totally ME Design and can be reached at 956.369.9510 or at  You can also find her on Facebook at and on instagram under TOTALLYMEDESIGN.


I thought these were so cute…they fit right up my alley with their clean lines and bright colors.  I keep trying to convince myself that I need a pink baby doll cradle.  The company is named FROGS and unfortunately I don’t have any contact info, but hope they will be there this Saturday so I can see them again!

LOVE me some vintage decor!  JhonnyDee Love Shabby Chic had some really beautiful household interior items that would be sure to brighten up ANY room…


Le Fox is actually one of my favorite parts of Vintage on Main.  I browse through all of the awesome furniture and knick knacks that are on display…I feel like this store really gets my decor style!  Stacy Bond of Le Fox can be reached at 956.467.8036 or @


Ahhhh! I love the picture below.  All that color is beautiful.  Precious Things Boutique always had amazing pieces on display in their store.  And my older daughters love looking at their selection of clothing since it fits right up their alley of bohemian yet modern, flowy and fitted.  Love, Love, Love.  Precious Things Boutique is located in Vintage on Main and can be reached at 956.648.3232.


Ummmmm…let me just tell you, the next store has no other word to describe it other than FAB-U-LOUS!!!  This store is the MECCA for vintage clothing.  It’s Good To Be Queen is located in Vintage on Main and features all sorts of jewelry, dresses, shoes, artwork…just everything you could want in a store.  My youngest daughter loves visiting and scoping out everything that sparkles!!

One of the funnest people I met at Market was Carlos Villareal who is an artist in the truest sense.  He recycles material that people throw out and makes unique artistic pieces out of them….dishes, old frames, signs…anything.  When you walk into Vintage on Main you can see some of his artistic work throught the buidling where he has decorated with fabric, lace, ribbon, beading and so forth.  I always loves the flouces and window coverings and was happily surprised to find out that he was the artist behind the beauty.  His sister Nancy also does beadwork and their store Shabbe Chic Boutique & Art Gallery is located at 105 N. Main and you can reach Carlos at 956.890.0842.  You can also email them at


Silky Bubbles has the most decadently divine smelling soaps…and they look so good it almost makes you want to eat them! They even have the most adorable soap in the shape of a cupcake!!!  Mmmmm…yummy!  Silky Bubbles can be reached via email at or you can visit their Etsy shop HERE.


Sissy from Slayton Art and Design Group has some of the most wonderful pieces of furniture.  She takes old and neglected furniture and makes them better than new by covering them in bright and beautiful fabrics.  Loving the houndstooth pillow! Sissy can be reached at 956.250.1164.


Vintage Boutique specializes in all types of vintage jewelry and she had some truly amazing pieces.  I am a sucker for vintage jewelry…it is my achilles heel so to speak.  You can reach Lucy Gonzalez from Vintage Boutique at 956.878.0034 or you can email her at

Yesterday’s Rose features all sorts of vintage and couture handbags…I love the handbag on the left with the little bee buzzing around!  Uber cute for the summertime!  You can reach Elizabeth Hilpert with Yesterday’s Rose at 956.789.4283.


And last, but CERTAINLY not least, we have Odette’s Secret Closet.  When I asked Odette to give me a description of what her shop is about she directed to to a framed quote saying:

“Behind each article of vintage clothing lies a unique story – its very own history that becomes interwoven between carefully stitched seams and quality fabrics.  Odette’s Secret Closet (pop-up shop) marries today’s trends with the styles of the past – a time where craftsmanship and detail were taken very seriously.  Embrace your inner ‘vintage goddess’…Vintage Pup-Up Parties by Odette showcase a covetable collection of unique but wearable retro style clothes from both classic designers and lesser-known labels.  One of a kind conversation pieces…dresses, gowns and caftans… are perfect for theme parties, collectors and special events.”

Wow…love that.  Odette is the force behind Vintage Market on Main.  She felt there was a need for it here in the Rio Grande Valley and I am so glad she put her energy and time backing it and making it a successful part of our community.  You can reach Odette at 956.668.8820 or email at