Newborn Info


The best time to book your session is before your little one arrives!  I will then add your expected due date to my schedule.  Once your baby makes his/her debut, be sure to text me ASAP so I can schedule you in.  6-10 days old is the preferential time to shoot.  If you have been researching different newborn photogs, you know we ALL say that the first two weeks if the best time to photograph newborns because baby acne can flare up and baby can become colicky and so forth…but did you know that after two weeks baby’s bones also start to harden making it more difficult to pose them into those curly, snuggly poses?  BUT if your baby came early or late, DON’T PANIC!  Older babies can still photograph beautifully in sleepy poses.  For babies over 6 weeks old, we recommend waiting until baby is sitting up and smiling to for their next photo shoot.


You will want to dress baby in something easily removable for when you arrive in the studio.  If possible, try and keep baby up 30-60 minutes before coming to your session.  And if you can give them a feeding beforehand as well that will usually help to make baby nice and sleepy for pictures.  Please don’t be too concerned about feeding schedules at this time and feel free to feed on demand to keep baby’s tummy nice and full and in that ‘milk coma’ state of sleep.  However, I have given birth to four children and know that what I am asking may seem nearly impossible to a sleep deprived, emotional and probably very sore new mommy!  So, just do the best you can and we will make it work…we will get great images regardless!


    • binkie for soothing…I know the whole nipple confusion thing is a concern the first few weeks, but a binkie can be the one factor between settling a baby for a shot and having to move on…they can work wonders!
    • bottles if you are bottle feeding, or if you are breast feeding and want to feed a bit faster.
    • diapers and wipes
    • a couple of hats or bows you may wish to use
    • snacks, beverages and any reading material to pass the time


We will be posing your baby in ways that may make you anxious…please know that we will never hurt your newborn.  We go off of cues from your baby that tell us whether he/she is comfortable or not.  Newborns are pliable and can curl up in the most amazing ways.  We will be shooting all images while baby sleeps in his/her birthday suit.  The studio is about 80 degrees so make sure and dress light.  All newborn sessions are shot in my studio so that I can control the climate and have access to my large array of props.

If you are wearing a blouse or shirt for parent shots, bring it freshly pressed on a hanger and you will be able to change into in the studio. For parent shots, light and neutral colors are preferred for gorgeous monochromatic shots.  It is not uncommon for newborn sessions to last 3 hours or so.  So, if you want to step out for a bit feel free to do so…we have had moms and dads grab a nap in the car, go out for lunch or run errands while we shoot.  That is totally fine with us!  Your baby is in trusted hands and we relish being able to cuddle and hold your little one.  Sadly, there are no more babies in the cards for us over here…as my assistant says when she sees a new baby, ‘my uterus hurts!’

If you are wanting sibling shots, we strongly recommend to either have someone drop off the siblings, or have daddy pick them up when we are finished shooting them.  Young kiddos have such a short attention span and asking them to be still and mindful for 3 hours in a hot studio is impossible.  One last thing, your baby will likely pee/poop/spit up on us and we are totally okay with that.  No worries!  When we shoot, we dress in clothes that aren’t too fancy so we don’t mind at all.